Introducing Contributing Artist No. 9: Laura Alice

‘Laura Alice is a Geelong-based artist who creates inky paintings and street art. Her works are illustrative, playful, serene and whimsical, exploring a world of contemplative creatures and their human companions. She paints from the heart, finding her inspiration in mystic philosophers, children’s storybooks and Melbourne street art. Laura Alice co-founded both Geelong Illustrators and Norlane Yarn Bombers’

Her practice includes a passion for community development, often incorporating artistic empowerment with drawing therapy techniques when working with a vast range of people groups. She co-founded Geelong Illustrators and Norlane Yarn Bombers. In 2014 she held a solo show in Melbourne’s Fawn Gallery.


She also loves reading, collecting old animal figurines, drinking coffee with her husband Jono and hanging out with her rabbit Wintro and cat Tokyo.’

Julia Tulloh Harper writes about Alice, “Each picture incorporates intricate patterns drawn with black ink over the earthy greens, browns and deep blues of the painted paper base. Laura researched and integrated traditional designs from Australian indigenous, Indian, Japanese, Indonesian and African cultures, so that the artworks themselves seem to symbolise an ideal community: a variety of cultures, histories and traditions, brought together to form a rich and coherent whole.”


Thank you so much, Laura Alice, for your beautiful contribution to the Greeves St. Greeting Card Range, Polar Bear. You can buy Laura Alice’s greeting card at the Greeves St. Shop or by contacting St Kilda Gatehouse on (03) 9534 2196.


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