About Greeves St.

Greeves St. is a social enterprise project supporting marginalised women who seek out street sex work as a result of abuse, addiction, poverty and other hardships. The Greeves St. project empowers women to learn new skills and gain self-esteem.

The Greeves St. Project is an initiative of St Kilda Gatehouse.


The Greeves St. social enterprise has only been possible because a virtual army of gifted and generous people have caught the vision. I would like to take the opportunity to thank them all.

A very big thank you to our sponsors, Elwood Community Bendigo Bank Branch and StreetSmart Australia. We are so very grateful that you believed in this project.

Also a big thanks to our contributing artists, who generously gave their artworks for our first card ranges without even blinking an eye!

Chris Ingham, David Frazer, Baby Guerrilla, Christina Gordon, Larissa MacFarlane, Nia Kolokas, Rona Green, Ghost Patrol, Laura Alice, Wendy June.

Wonderful artists and beautiful people!

Thank you to all the committee members, whose skills, time, and impeccable taste have been invaluable in the development of our products:

Jane Satchell, Emily Treganowan, Liz Dansie, Trudy Abbatangelo, Nia Kolokas, Mary Long, Keely Jones, and Belinda Nielson.

Les Colston, Peter Tarasiuk, and Griff, for jumping in and using your skills for graphic design and photography when we were stumped!

Helen and Anna, Helen, Keely, Trudy, Kemmy, Liz, Helen, Lisa, Fiona, Robbyn, Cath, Kas and Mel who stuffed toy fill into Christmas decorations until their fingers hurt, sewed until they were cross-eyed, or helped on our stalls.

Honesty Pern, Kasey Holyman, Marilyn Holyman, and Helen Colston, for the use of your skills in all the areas I lack skill, and all the other staff and volunteers of St Kilda Gatehouse for their understanding of the extra time it takes to set up and run a business. BIG thanks!

John and the team at Landing Gear in Williamstown, who printed our beautiful tees, and the team at Print Together, North Fitzroy, who have also been generous and great to work with.

And to Sally Tonkin and the board of St Kilda Gatehouse, who decided this project would be a good idea.


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