Graduate Number 2!


It seems a long time since the woman holding this beautiful embroidered button she’d just finished, began her involvement with the Greeves St. project. But, I think anyway, that is because we have grown to know her and love her and admire her over the ten weeks she has attended the group. We have journeyed with her as she reconnected with family, began and graduated from an industry training course, sat for job interviews and gained courage to meet new people and try new experiences. At times she has struggled but along with the shared tears there has been so much fun and laughter.

Congratulations! You are an inspiration and we love you! Can’t wait to hand over your new sewing machine this Friday. You totally deserve it and may all good things in life be yours.


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New Greeves St. Products For 2015


Gorgeous heart-shaped Christmas decorations will be available later in 2016. Watch this space.


Tablet or laptop covers, fully lined and padded out for safe handling. Standard sizes available.

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Christmas Greetings

Chistmas decorations

The Greeves St. sewing project began, in partnership with Urban Seed, over ten weeks ago. One woman has already graduated with a sewing kit and sewing machine. Two more women will finish the ten week program early next year. We made a variety of projects including cushions, Christmas decorations, brooches, a bag, hand printed fabrics, purses and candles.

Because of our donors we have honoured participation with fantastic incentives. Women take home special materials and tools every week, allowing them to continue to develop their skills and make beautiful things at home. Participants have developed an interest in creating their own lines of saleable products and have designed personal logos. Thank you Rohan for your help with this!

One of the most valuable outcomes of this project has been the capacity to intentionally support the women involved. The group has developed a close bond based on trust and mutual caring. Thank you to Geri Barr, Kath Maddock, and Leora Light, our Greeves St. volunteers, who love to sew but who are perfect personalities for this group, and to all the women who attend.

The Greeves St. Project, helps fill the gap of loneliness, provides genuine community, and empowers women to learn new skills and gain confidence to explore new and positive experiences. This is what three women have shared about their participation in the project:

J “When I learned to sew, I suddenly had the confidence to believe I could learn to do anything.”

S “I suppose for me, because I was socially isolated, by coming along I found a place where, even though everyone knew a little about me, I wasn’t judged. Learning new skills has enabled me to make my Christmas presents – I’ve never done that before! It is also helping me formulate ideas of what I might like to do in the future.”

G “It’s like therapy because I get to do one of the things I love and we get to share our lives and there is a high level of acceptance. I don’t feel there is judgment.”

Thank you for believing in this project. Without our donors it would not be possible. Thanks also to Spotlight, Birch Haberdashery, West Art Supplies, Urban Seed, Mick Bell, Memphis Kelly, Maddy Cursio, Penelope Smith, Belinda Neilson, Social Traders, Coburg Statewide Sewing Centre, LetsAct and StreetSmart Australia.



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Introducing Contributing Artist No. 8: Rona Green

Rona Green’s fantastical figurative prints, poppets, paintings and drawings explore ideas about identity.


Specifically, her interest is in the potential of the body to be a vehicle for story by means of transformative devices, particularly anthropomorphism and body decoration. The hybrid characters she creates are loners, misfits and outcasts who bear the marks and scars of past experience. Through them she champions idiosyncrasy and individuality.

Born and raised in the port city of Geelong, Australia, Rona went on to study art at La Trobe University in Bendigo and Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Most recently she completed a Master of Fine Art degree in 2012 at Monash University.


Well known for striking pictures of peculiar creatures, Rona has received many accolades such as the Geelong Print Prize, Swan Hill Print Acquisitive Award and Silk Cut Award Grand Prize. In addition her work is represented in over fifty Australian and international public collections including the National Gallery of Australia.

Rona is a fancier of Egyptian art, historical figures, science fiction, B-grade movies, secret societies, tattooing traditions, subcultures and the animal kingdom. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.


I have loved Rona Green’s work for a very long time and was blown away when she agreed to contribute to the Greeves St. project. Thank you so much Rona Green!

You can find out more about Rona at her website.

rona green

The above image is Lazer, the work Rona Green gifted to the Greeves St. Project. It is a hand coloured lino cut. I had the privilege of meeting Rona late last year and she, like so many of our artists, had the attitude of being more than happy to help Melbourne’s marginalised women. Thank you so much Rona Green!

You can purchase Rona’s greeting card at our online shop.

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More Wheat Bags Available At The Grumpy Swimmer, Elwood


Love this shop. It is good for books and good for homewares. And I love that they love us! You can out more about The Grumpy Swimmer here.

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What The Women Are Making

photo (12)

We are moving through the ten week program so quickly now. I mean this in the sense that it is flying by and I don’t want it to ever have to end. Friday afternoons are fun. And creative. And funny. Women working alongside one another, chatting about everyday issues and connecting makes for a whole lot of banter and laughter. We talked last week of what will be next and the above photo shows a zipped and lined purse, created (without a pattern) by one of the women. I had a play and found a really great tutorial by this lovely and clever lady:

Then I created my own version:

photo (10)

And bingo! We have a new saleable product.

I also love the hand embroidered badge (top) made by one of the women. We are just 4 weeks away from another graduation, which means another sewing machine graduation, thanks to all the LetsAct donors. Go to the Greeves St. Shop to view our other products.

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Our First Greeves St. Project Graduate Receives Her Machine

After sewing every Friday afternoon for nearly a year, and helping to create a process rich and interesting course for others, our first participant has received her own sewing machine.

photo (7)

Thanks Roger Smith, at the Statewide Sewing Centre Coburg store, where we purchased good quality machines at a really good price. Roger was great to deal with and so on board for the project. Also thanks to the many who donated to our recent LetsAct crowd funder. Without everyone we wouldn’t be able to run the program and reward participants with their own sewing kits. The woman pictured above has texted me with a number of photos of her work since receiving the machine. Here is my favourite:


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