We Are One Third Of The Way There! If We Go Over Our Target Here Is Our Wish List:

photoFirstly, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those donors who have already believed in this project. I was watching the LetsAct site featuring the Greeves St. Project, and the figures were beginning to creep up, and then pass $500, nearly a tenth of the target amount, when the site refreshed and a new figure of $2001 appeared. I could not believe it. We are now over a third of the way there with 54 days to go.

If we reach our target we will purchase quality sewing, craft and small business equipment for participants in the program, including:

  • Quick Unpicks, scissors, pins, needles, threads, embroidery hoops, needles and threads, taylor’s chalk, zips, self covering button sets, cross stitch fabric, storage container, screen for printing, pattern making equipment, metal ruler, cutting mat, fine liners and pencils, sketch book, interfacing, toy-fill and Spotlight voucher,
  • Sewing machine, upon graduation,
  • Personalised logo, for marketing and labelling, etc.

If we surpass our target we will also be able to purchase:

  • More sewing machines for the actual 15 week program
  • Quality scissors and other capital purchases, for future programs
  • More kits for future participants in future programs
  • This may sound odd but… coffee. As an important component of the program we want to do ‘normal’ things, like going out for a coffee with friends.

If you believe in this project please go to: www.letsact.com.au/projects/the-greeves-st-project/ and share with your friends and community. Thanks so much.

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